SUGAR COLT is somewhat of an odd film. It has a listing on Spaghetti WesternSColtjAGVh0sUKXPg1VRkXCDQHUVcYyj Database, but apparently was never released in Italy. At least that’s what the IMDb listing says. In most countries it used the SUGAR COLT title. The secondary title I have listed is the West German version. The Easy German was Kavallerie in Not for a TV showing.

Hunt Powers plays a fellow using the name Tom Cooper. He runs a school that teaches women how to shoot. He’s quite the expert and dresses like a dandy. He’s visited by an old man he hasn’t seen in two years. Listed in one spot as a Pinkerton man, another as Alan Pinkerton, he’s played by George Rigaud. Here’s where we see how different translations change a film. In one imagesreview, he’s referred to as Cooper’s boss, but Cooper constantly references him as uncle. That may be an oblique nod to the fact that Cooper’s a retired government agent that operated under the name Sugar Colt.

Uncle/boss/Pinkerton wants him to investigate the disappearance of a battalion the year before headed home from the war. They were going to Alamogordo when they just vanished. We’d already seen them at the beginning of the film sold out by their Colonel, a number separated from the rest, those left buried when the cliffs above their heads are exploded. Uncle/boss/Pinkerton has received a note demanding $10,000 ransom for his son and he realizes that if it’s not a hoax, the rest may still be alive. a branch of the trail the battalion had been following leads to a town called Snake Valley.

Cooper refuses, he’s making too much money from his school, only to see theSUGARCOLT old man shot down in the streets.

He soon appears in Snake Valley posing as Dr. Tom Cooper. He establishes himself as a mild mannered fellow easily pushed around, then a few scenes later comes dowstairs to the sallon wearing the bottom half of his long johns, suspenders, and socks to the laughter of all. Picking out two who’d harassed him earlier, he gives them a demonstration of ‘scientific’ boxing.

Colt is there to find out what’s going on and is aided by an old black man camped outside of town who’s looking around. He also blows a tune on a bugle every now and again to stir thoughts of ghosts.

images (1)A few observations: Colt mixes some sort of concoction comprised of chemicals and vegetation, wrapping it in a cloth and getting it into the stove on the sly, closing the cock on the smoke stack. He takes a pill and gives the same to the two women who run the saloon. The smoke spreads and causes everyone else to start laughing and hallucinating. The bugle starts up about then. He hears one reference to lighting a fuse that gives him a clue.

One bad deal was Colt and his gun belt. when he reveals himself, he’s only carrying a small doctor’s bag. The doctor ordered out of town, Colt sheds his disguise and is suddenly wearing a gun belt.Don’ know where he kept his bullets because the bely had not a single bullet loop.

Not a bad film, one not sure whether it was a comedy or straight film, but I’ve seen better.