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1: My Father’s Wives(ARC) – Mike Greenberg: a novel from the co-host of Mike And Mike In The Morning on ESPN radio and television. A man’s search for some meaning in his absent, now dead, father.

2: The Sisters Brothers(ARC) – Patrick deWitt: a noir western with a pair of psycho brothers.

3: The Prisoner of Gun Hill – Owen G. Irons{ James reasoner reviewed this Black Horse western.

4: The October List – Jeffery Deaver: an odd book, it’s subtitled a novel in reverse. Begins with Chapter 36 backwards to 1. Even has th tilte pages in the back.

5: The Walk On(ARC) – John Feinstein: first in a young adult trilogy with the player on the football team. Future volumes have him doing basketball and baseball.

6: The Martian Child – David Gerrold: the story of a single man adopting a son.

7: The Ploughmen(ARC) – Kim Zupan; Set in Montana, a young night time deputy, his marriage in trouble, forges a relationship with a seventy-seven year old killer on trialfor murder.

8: Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy – Andy Briggs: first heard of these three from George Kelley; A twentieth century Tarzan peaked my interest.

9: Tarzan> The Jungle Warrior – Andy Briggs

10: Tarzan: The Savage Lands – Andy Briggs

and the ebooks:

11: The Outlaw Ranger – James Reasoner

12: The Westward Tide: Trail Revenge – Jack Tyree(Wayne D. Dundee)

13: Bad Rap(review copy) – William Byron Hillman: a Rollie Kemp mystery.

14: The Killing(review copy) – Lionel White: new release of the classic novel from CHALK LINE BOOKS. Made into a film by Stanley Kubrick.

15: Flawless(review copy) – Tom Kakonis: new release coming from Brash Books.

16: The Man With Two Legs(review copy) – Ernie Lindsey: a science fiction story previously published in a mulyi-author collection.