20262599When I was young, a long time ago, and just learning the joys of reading, sports books were an important part of my life. A lot of fiction and biographies for the young reader(mostly baseball legends if I remember correctly).

THE WALK ON looked like a good chance to get back some of those early feelings. It’s the opening volume in the Triple Threat trilogy. Volume two next year will have our young hero playing basketball. The third will be baseball.

Alex Myers is a freshman in a Philadelphia school. His parents had separated and mom wanted to move closer to family from their Boston area. His father had always been a supporter of his athletic abilities, but his job was keeping him away from family more often. Alex is a quarterback with a strong arm and tries out for the high school team. Only one problem. The head coach, though an accomplished teacher of his sport, is a hard-nosed man and his son, Matt Jr., is the starting QB.

Alex makes the team, third on the depth chart, and soon makes his mark when Matt is hurt in a game. As the team storms into the playoffs, Alex flunks a drug test for steroids and is suspended.

Knowing he’s innocent, Alex must prove it and find out who’s setting him up and why. A fellow freshman team mate and a young girl on the school newspaper are helping him.

John Feinstein doesn’t use stereotypical characters in his story. Matt Jr, for example,is not the puffed up jock, but a good guy and supportive of Alex, even insisting his dad use him more.

Really liked this one. http://www.amazon.com/Walk-Triple-Threat-1/dp/0385753462