Author Kim Zupan, like most writers. worked at a great many things while he18465602 honed his skills, everything from carpentry to pro rodeo bareback riding to Salmon fisherman. He currently teaches carpentry at Missoula College.

Set in his native Montana, THE PLOUGHMEN gives us an unusual tale of a bond between two men.

Valentine Millimaki is low man at the Sheriff’s department. When killer John Gload is arrested and his trial begins for murder, Val gets the job of babysitting him at night. Gload is a bad man of seventy-seven years of age and is still feared by most. His trick on victims was to remove hands and heads to make identification tough. Those that were found anyway.

Val is a man who treats prisoners decently.

As things move along, the two men talk a lot, sharing all sorts of things from cigarettes to incidents in their lives. With similar backgrounds, both losing their parents fairly early to death or wandering. Val’s marriage is disintegrating right in front of him.

a bond grows between them that makes others in the department worry. The sheriff is afraid he might lose perspective, another deputy is jealous because he wants the glory of unfound bodies and the notoriety Val might get for solving them should the old man give him the info.

Wonderfully written novel due for release today.