!: The Ice Genius _ Kenneth Robeson(Will Murray) – latest Doc Novel.

2: Far As The Eye Can See(ARC) – Robert Bausch: Bobby Hale is a Union veteran several times over. After the war, he sets his sights on California, but only makes it to Montana. As he stumbles around the West, from the Wyoming Territory to the Black Hills of the Dakotas, he finds meaning in the people he meets-settlers and native people-and the violent history he both participates in and witnesses. Far as the Eye Can See is the story of life in a place where every minute is an engagement in a kind of war of survival, and how two people-a white man and a mixed-race woman-in the midst of such majesty and violence can manage to find a pathway to their own humanity.

3: Death of a Gunfighter – Lewis B. Patten: former gunfighter, now a Marshal. Suddenly a whole town wants him dead.

4: Smonk – Tom Franklin: in 1911 Old Texas, Alabama, the townspeople finally tire of E. U. Smonk and his violeny Saturday night rituals: killing livestock, destroying proprty, and seducing women.

and the ebooks:

Brash books has a $.99 cent sale on ebooks and I snatched a few.

5: Shadow Counter – Tom Kakonis: LADY LUCK IS DEALING DEATH… AND WAVERLY IS HOLDING A LOSING HAND. Twice selected by the New York Times as one of the Ten Best Crime Novelists of the Year, Tom Kakonis brings back Waverly, his cunning professional gambler, in what The Washington Post calls “a keenly fatalistic thriller.”

6: Death is Forever: A Delilah West Thriller – Maxine O’Callaghan: Ex-cop Delilah West is working as a PI with her husband Jack when he’s killed while investigating a missing person’s case. Grief-stricken and enraged, she becomes obsessed with finding the killer…only to wake up drugged in a skid-row hotel room with him lying beside her with a knife in his back. It’s the perfect frame, nailing her for an obvious revenge killing. Now she’s on the run…living on a razor’s edge trying to avoid capture while searching for the murderers who’ve destroyed her life.

7: Laughing Dog – Dick Lochte: Hardboiled private eye Leo Bloodworth and his self-appointed partner, fifteen-year-old Serendipity Dahlquist, are back in a wild and deadly new mystery that’s every bit as brilliant and memorable as SLEEPING DOG, a New York Times Book of the Year, a Nero Wolfe Award winner, and a finalist for the Edgar, Shamus and Anthony Awards.

8: Man Eater – Gar Anthony Haywood: Ronnie Deal’s no hero. She’s just a drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood movie executive having a really bad day who’s in no mood to watch when homicidal thug Neon Polk puts a beat down on poor little Antsy Carruth at the Tiki Shack bar. Ronnie puts Polk’s lights out with a beer bottle, Antsy takes a powder, and Ronnie tries to forget the whole thing. But not Neon. Antsy stole twenty-five grand from Neon’s drug-dealing boss and Ronnie’s just cost him a big recovery fee, not to mention cut his pride to the quick. Neon not only gets revenge in spades, he wants Ronnie to pay him fifty grand as icing on the cake.
What Neon doesn’t know is that people in The Business don’t call Ronnie “Raw Deal” for nothing. Ronnie’s got a completely different kind of payoff in mind for Neon now, and with the help of ex-con and aspiring screenwriter Ellis Langford—who’s got big troubles of his own in the form of two psychos named Jorge and Jaime Ayala—she’s about to learn how to make a real killing in Tinseltown.

9: Anthem’s Fall(review copy) – S. L. Dunn: S.L. Dunn’s riveting debut channels the best superhero stories with an elevating moral debate and a revolutionary new technology. Set both in modern New York City and in the technologically sophisticated yet politically savage world of Anthem, Anthem’s Fall unfurls into a plot where larger than life characters born with the prowess of gods are pitted against the shrewd brilliance of a familiar and unlikely heroine.