Author Richard Prosch brings his character John Coburn, AKA The Peregrine,71MyXHtR+8L._SL1170_ back. A man of reputation and the star of dime novels. Not to mention A number of short stories by Richard.

John Coburn stumbles across an old cell mate, Bandy Murphy, running from a gang after the Judas Book in Murphy’s possession.

Supposedly a journal kept by an itinerant preacher Judas Warren, it was filled with confessions, locations of buried bodies and stolen fortunes. That was the legend. Coburn never really believed it was real.

But now here was Murphy claiming he had it and there was a pack of killers after it, mre than willing to kill anyone who stopped them from gaining control of the book. But it was so much more.

A fine novella from Richard Prosch. As with most of his stories, both western and more modern, it’s set in his native Nebraska. And the good news is it’s the beginning of a series

Highly recommended and can be ordered HERE.