!: Sidewinders: Bleeding Texas – William Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone: Bo Creel is back at his family’s Star C Ranch in Bear Creek, Texas. Along with his buddy Scratch, he’s finding out that home is where the hell-raising is. A rival ranch is trying to drive the Creel family out of business, using any means necessary. For Bo and Scratch, always suckers for a pretty face, come two young ladies who just might blur the battle lines.

2: A Dangerous Man – William W. Johnstone: Born and bred in the Texas Pandhandle town of Comanche Crossing, William “Wild Bill” Longley gunned down a dozen of its men in cold blood before he got around to the sheriff and deputy–so he could take over the job himself. Then he found the perfect sidekick in a vicious career criminal named Booker Tate. With his remorseless heart set on a beautiful young woman, Wild Bill and Booker take the whole town hostage until the young lady agrees to marry a man she despises. That’s when a cold-eyed stranger comes to town with a dead man strapped to his saddle. In a town where violence and murder rule the day, a terrifying battle is about to explode–between ruthless Wild Bill Longley and a bounty hunter named Tam Sullivan, who’s done a whole lot of killing of his own…

and the ebooks:

3: Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles – Edward A. Grainger: the latest collection of shorts of our two U.S. Marshals.

4: Devil’s Ledger – Richard Prosch: the first novella in a new series of gunfighter hero John Colburn, The Peregrine.

%; The God Project(review copy) – Stan Lee: reissue coming next year from Brash Books

6: Flawless(review copy) – Tom Kakonis: another Brash Books release early next year