3085670Don Pendleton is best known of course for creating The Executioner Mack Bolan and later turning it into an empire. But he wrote other things as well and very good in their own right. Former policeman P.I. Joe Copp was one. COPP ON FIRE was the second of six published in 1988.

Joe Copp, though like most P.I.s close to broke all the time, didn’t really want the job, eve when $1300.00 in cash was laid in his hands. A handicapped man in a big white limousine wanted him for ten hours to take photos of people entering and leaving a business. He was looking for a rat. The man remained unidentified and after spending the day taking photos Joe met and turned the film, undeveloped, over to the chauffeur.

22822344That’s when things went downhill fast. The business blew up. a bomb took out the limousine and it’s occupants, and the people Joe had photographed started getting knocked off one by one. He’d turned over his copies to the police and one wanted to hang the whole mess on Joe.

Figuring he’d been set up to the the fall, Joe got mad and went hunting, even as more bodies were showing up.

Nicely plotted and paced novel that I couldn’t stop reading.

New editions of the books are available as ebooks and well worth a look.