91lql2gEszL._SL1500_Kyler Knightly and his uncle Damon Cole are sort of time police. As members of the Time Corps, It’s their job to keep the time lines stable to preserve the world as it should be in their time. The Zigma Projector was their mode of travel through time. Kyler was a Dreamer, a psychic, transferred to field agent. He had visions as he slept that usually proved true.i
In CARNOSAUR WEEKEND, the pair find themselves in the Cretaceous Period at a modern resort built by developers for the super rich. The aim was to turn the past into a vacation spot. What that might do to the time lines no one wanted to consider. Kyler and Damon were out to shut it down and trace the real estate company responsible.

Dinosaurs in a science fiction tale have always been a favorite.

THE ZYGMA GAMBIT tells the tale of how Kyler was promoted to field agent when a vision showed his uncle lying dead in a future jaunt. He waylays Damon in order to stop his vision.

THE WORMS OF TERPSICHORE is a tale of the future and giant killing centipedes on another planet.

Loved these three tales and look forward to more. It is numbered Book 1 after all.

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