4b64926c99c1b96f4cd3a6e094831b13THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN was one of two films shot back to back over a two week period. The other was BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER.

This one concerns a rogue American military officer, Major Paul Krenner(James Griffith) who helps break a thug out of prison tp aid him in his experiments. He needed a test subject for his machine developed by a German scientist, Dr. Peter Ulof(Ivan Triesault), held against his will, trying to protect his daughter, also a prisoner, that would produce invisibility. His aim was to make an invisible army that he commanded.

Joey Faust(Douglas Kenney) was the thug and his escape was aided by LauraMV5BMjAzNzk3MzQ5M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTE3MTcxMQ@@._V1_SX214_AL_ Matson(Marguerite Chapman).

Experiments had been performed on guinea pigs thousands of times and they were ready for a human subject. Krenner’s ultimate aim was to use Faust to break into a repository and steal more powerful fissionable material to power his machine. Faust had other ideas. Like robbing banks.

Faust steals the material and when he’s supposed to go back for more, he enlists Laura to rob a bank. Things go wrong in the bank as Faust starts becoming visible, parts of him anyway, then back to invisibility. Back and forth.

The film got the MST3000 treatment and for good reason.

amazingtransIn the invisibility chamber stands a safe filled with fissionable material. Krenner rebukes Dr Ulof for leaving the machine to close to the safe. Even made of lead, some rays could penetrate and cause a nuclear explosion. You know where I’m headed right? We get a nice mushroom cloud in the finale, then police and scientists keeping traffic far enough away mot be affected by radiation. But close enough to use binoculars. We see unprotected men wandering through the remains of the house. nevemind tyhat it should have been reduced to atoms being ground zero.