20604376I’ve always been partial to spy stories and quickly became a fan of Will Cochrane, the British-American, code name Spartan, the only agent of a joint CIA-MI6 operation.

In DARK SPIES, he draws a bodyguard assignment, a CIA agent meeting her Russsian asset in Norway. Disturbing rumors that the man’s cover had been blown drew the bodyguard assignment.

Will lay on a hill with a sniper rifle with scope checking out the scene when he spots a lone man walking in the area. The scope reveals something shocking, a Russian spymaster supposedly killed by a car bomb several years before. As he’s about to take out the man, two things happen. Shots break out in the cabin where the CIA woman is with her Russian asset and, over his radio, Will is ordered to do nothing.

Will ignores that order and takes out a hit team, but not before the asset is executed. Ordered to present himself at either the American embassy or the british for arrest, he refuses.

The CIA woman says before he died, the asset told her there was a Russian mole high in the ranks of the CIA. But that’s all he had time to say.

Suddenly Will has all the police forces in the world hunting for him. A four man hit team out of Russia wants him. And a pair of psychopathic twins are sent looking for him.

They all have one thing in common. Will Cochrane is to be shot on sight.

It’s all got to do with something called Project Ferryman. Will needs to get into the states, find and expose the mole, and figure out Project Ferryman. All while everyone he meets might want him dead.

18053274MI6 agent Will Cochrane has a nan after him known only as Trapper. He’d escaped from a base in the Middle East after announcing he was going to kill Will. Will’s handlers wanted out of the way and safe.

But Trapper had somehow got hold of his cell number and was taunting him with phone calls.

Will has to get away from the CIA safe house and fins this man first.

Recommended for lovers of spy fiction.