23160911BRASH BOOKS is doing a terrific job of reissuing some fine crime novels. The Peter Bragg series is one of the best that slipped by me in the original publications. Can’t read everything I guess, though Lord knows I try.

It’s said that author Jack Lynch modeled Bragg after some aspects of himself> Both ex-reporter from Seattle originally now established in San Francisco. Bragg is a private investigator.

When an escape from San Quentin goes wrong, hostages are taken, two civilian women teaching a class to inmates, and a pair of guards, one wounded. Bragg gets drafted to help. A reporter he’d worked with recommended him to solve a problem.

Beau Bancetti was the leader of a bike club serving time along with three other confederates. The breakout was because Beau’s teenage brother had been arrested in their hometown for murder, something the kid couldn’t possibly do.

Bragg agrees to go look into it to help free the women hostages.

It’s unusual from the start. A police officer is more help than even the boy’s lawyer. Bragg is shot, a young girl murdered, before he starts to put the pieces together. There’s more going on than appears on the surface.

Loved it and look forward to more of these excellent novels. Can be ordered HERE.