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1: Blind Spot – Reed Farrell Coleman: the authors continuation of Robert Parker’s Jesse Stone novels. I’ve heard good things about this one.

2: The Dragon Man – Garry Disher: the first Detective Inspector Challis novel. He’s hunting a killer in a small resort town in Australia.

3: The Avengers Battle The Earth-Wrecker – Otto Binder: the pulp writer has our heroes battling an alien from 5000 years in the future who wants to destroy the Earth before future humans can defeat his armada.

and the ebooks:

4: To,ato Can Comeback – Jack Tunney: the latest book in the fight card series.

5: Fugitive Trail _ Wayne D. Dundee: latest western from Wayne. The hero is pursued for defending himself against a rich man’s son. Self defense is turned into murder. Along the way, he helps people.

6: The Naked and The Undead – Wayne D. Dundee: one of Wayne’s older books with new title and cover. Looks good.

7: The Red Menace: Red On The Menu – James Mullaney: the latest Communist fighting superhero from last century.

8: Common Sense: Richard david Bach: the latest in the husband-wife team of private investigators.

9: Stranger At Sunset(review copy) – Eden Baylee: Dr. Kate Hampton, a respected psychiatrist, gathers with a group of strangers at her favorite travel spot, Sunset Villa in Jamaica. It’s the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the resort is struggling. A vitriolic review by a travel writer helped speed the troubles. He’s ivited back in the hope of a more favorable review. Things don’t go as planned.

10: The Vampire Killer Jerry & Sharon Ahern: a P.I. is hired to find a woman’s uncle. She fears he’s murdering men he believes may be vampires for killing his wife. Wooden stakes were driven through their hearts.

11: Devil In A Cage – W’ L. Fieldhouse: from Rough Edges Press, the author’s first new novel in years.