51IMD+O5AZLI’ve been a fan of the Destroyer universe going all the way back to the beginning in the early seventies. Never been disappointed except one stretch where neither Murphy or any of the best writers were working. Thankfully things gor back on track.

The LEGACY series concerns Remo Williams’s children half siblings Stone and Freya. Both are trained by their grandfather, Sunny Joe of the Sinanju Indian tribe in the Southwestern United States. Stone is the older and a former Navy Seal, but has less experience than sixteen year old Freya in the Sinanju discipline.

They work for a branch of CURE and deal with terrorists trying to bring down America.

In this latest volume, Trail and Terror, the pair have to deal with a master spy intent on bringing down the American infrastructure. The test case is in Virginia Beach where a computer virus shuts down all electricity grids.

A most enjoyable series and a worthy addition to the Destroyer universe. Author Gerald Welch is also an artist who does the covers. He’s quite accomplished at both

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