trail boss from texasAMAZON CARTACEI
!: Revival – Stephen King: the master’s new novel, A dark and electrifying look about addiction, fanaticism, and what might exist on the other side of life.

2: Fear City – F. Paul Wilson: the third novel in the Repairman Jack Early Years trilogy where the man-in-training we all know is a young man out to avenge the brutal torture-murder of a young woman he knew since high school and had a brief relationship with.

3: Thunder Mountain – Tom Austin: the secong book in the O’Malley saga, a family of the early days of this country.

4: Brave Sonora – Steven Law: Enrique hears that his grandfather is working at a plantation outside Hermosillo, a thriving town in Sonora, Mexico. In Hermosillo,Enrique finds that Arriquibar Sosa, who runs the town with an iron fist, has taken his grandfather prisoner. And when he refuses to become one of Sosa’s thugs, Enrique is taken prisoner as well. Good thing he never travels alone…

5: Storme Front – W.L. Ripley: the second Wyatt Storme mystery. Storme is an iconoclastic ex-footballer living in Colorado who likes a little action now and again. He also can’t resist helping a friend, like the buddy who’s in deep with local dirtball Jackie Burlingame.

6: Storme Warning(review copy) – W.L. Ripley: Brash Books brings us in February the never-before-published fourth novel featuring Wyatt Storme, the ex-football player turned troubleshooter. Vietnam vet and former Dallas Cowboys player Wyatt Storme just wants to be left alone in his remote Ozarks cabin – but violence and trouble have a knack for finding him. A hard-drinking, shockingly lethal ex-CIA agent asks his buddy Storme for back-up when he’s hired by the director of a big budget western to protect a bad-boy movie star who is getting well-deserved death threats.

7: Finding The Sky: The Jo Harper Collection – Richard Prosch: Richard’s four Jo Harper novellas in book form for the first time.

8: Blood Oath – Tom Austin: the first book in the O’Malley saga.

9: Elak of Atlantis – Henry Kuttner: Charles Gramlich reviewed this one and since I like Kuttner…

10: Dragon of The Stars(review copy) – Alex J. Cavanaugh; due out in April, Alex’s new novel finds Lt. Commander Aden Pendar, son of a Hyrathian Duke, poised to secure his own comman and marriage to the Queen’s daughter, and finds his claim denied by the Allaince, who declare war of Hyrath. His only way to slavage everything is the Dragon, a lost ship with a unique weapon.

11: Trail Boss From Texas – Barry Cord: James reviewed this one a few weeks ago. This isn’t my edition, but my printer has been giving me fits and I couldn’t find the cover for my large print hardcover.

and the ebooks:

12: A Case of Noir – Paul D, Brazill: offered free at the moment and since I like Paul’s work, how can one resist.

13: The Many Deaths of Joe Buckley – various authors: a charity edition also reviewed by James Reasoner.

14: The Art of War(review copy) – Shayne Youngblood: The war started so long ago that nobody remembered why it’d started in the first place. Nobody remembered what life before the war had looked like. Nobody wondered what would come after the war. The war was all they’d ever known. Then we came. The Alliance. We intervened for humanitarian reasons.