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2822917The Binder brothers, Earl and Otto, were SF writers in the early days of the sf pulp era. They wrote together under the pen name Eando Binder. Their most famous work is probably I, ROBOT, the story of Adam Link, an intelligent robot accused of murdering it’s creator. It was filmed twice on two versions of the series Outer Limits. The sixities version starred Leonard Nimoy as a journalist covering the trial and the nineties version again starred Nimoy, this time as Adam Link’s lawyer. I covered the collected stories, Adam Link, Robot a few years back.

By 1939, Earl had retired from writing and was his brother’s literary agent.

THE AVENGERS BATTLE THE EARTH-WRECKER can only be described as pure pulp, the last book Otto had published. It was in 1967.

it concerned the Avengers Battle with Karzz The Conqueror, an alien from 5000 years in the future who was out to destroy Earth. Humans in his future had thwarted the alien’s armada and he wanted to destroy the planet before they achieved their future supremacy.

Despite the cover, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are described in a TV program at the beginning as former Avengers. It was actually Goliath and the Wasp in the narrative.