1: Crime On My Hands – George Sanders: two crime novels appeared many years ago under the George Sanders by-line. Both were actually written by women: Leigh Brackett and this one by Craig rice.

2: Quarry’s Greatest Hits – Max Allan Collins: a collection of three Quarry short stories and one novel, Prime target(hard to find at the time), retitled QUARRY”S VOTE for a later release.

and the ebooks:

a number of review copies here.

3: Totally Dead(review copy)- Michael Stone: a Streeter thriller, part of Brash Books February release

4: Poor, Poor Ophelia(review copy) – Carolyn Weston: Another of Brash Books releases. The novel was the basis for the pilot of the old TV series The Streets of San Francisco.

5: Flawless(review copy) _ Tom Kakonis: a new novel, part of the Brash release.

6: The God Project(review copy) – Stan Lee: one more coming from Brash Books In February.

7: The Oklahombres – Steve Hayes & Ben bridges: It didn’t matter a damn that Bill Doolin had never killed another man, that he was a loving husband and a devoted father with a young son.
No — Bill became a target for every Deputy U.S. Marshal in Oklahoma Territory because the people hailed him as “The King of the Outlaws.”
That alone meant he had to die — so his fate would set an example to anyone who thought of following his in his footsteps.
While Bill and his gang, the Oklahombres, raised hell throughout the Twin Territories of Oklahoma and the Indian Nations, U.S. Marshal E. D. Nix sent three hundred of his best men out with orders to catch or kill them. And that army of badge-packers were led by Nix’s ‘Three Guardsmen’ — the living legends that were Bill Tilghman, Heck Thomas and Chris Madsen. But that was the thing about the Oklahombres – they were going to be living legends too … or die trying!

8: The lawman and The Songbird – Chap O’Keefe: Pinkerton detective Joshua Dillard went undercover to a lawless Montana boom-town peopled by avaricious gold prospectors, ruthless bandits, fancy-pants rogues, and scheming dance-hall girls. In Cox City, he set his sights on arrogant, skull-faced Blackie Dukes and his bunch. But Alvin “Aces” Axford’s safe at the Magnet saloon was robbed right under Joshua’s nose. Who had spirited away Axford’s haul of gold? Joshua had to buy that plucky songstress Kate Thompson had double-crossed the dangerous Dukes gang, luring him into a futile dance in a raging blizzard across the Bitterroot Mountains. It was one of luckless Joshua’s most conspicuous failures. Not until seven years later did he return to Cox City, as town marshal. The time had come to solve the mysteries … and to lay the ghosts of failure with a blazing six-shooter!

9: The Wicked Kind – John Turner: When Sam Stoneman disappeared in November 1989, the bottom fell out of Mason Tanner’s life. Sam and Mason were best friends, and it was on a ski trip together in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that the unthinkable happened. A chance encounter with a creep in a bar set events into motion, and when it was over, Sam was gone. In the aftermath, Mason could never shake the feeling that he was responsible. The guilt nearly killed him. Years later Mason has turned his life around, the heartbreak and destructive living rooted in that long-ago night finally behind him. But the past remains, and when Mason’s girlfriend resurrects Sam’s case, it sets them both on a terrifying course of no return.

10: Dead Man’s Walk – Richard S. Prather: a Shell Scott novel. So says the private eye, “The island couldn’t be more charming with its stretches of white beaches, crystalline lagoons, and exotic bikini-clad beauties. But with three dead bodies and a voodoo priest, I had a hard time concentrating on sightseeing. It seemed superstitious to me, since nobody could solve the puzzling cause of their deaths. So with the assistance of my own lovely native doll, I had my work cut out for me–and that was simply managing to evade the long voodoo needle that was destined for my heart!”

11: The Lost – Evan Ronan: a horror novel gifted me by the author because I reviewed another of his books.

12: A Dubious Device(review copy) – Gerald S. Kulwicki & Kristopher Kubicki: the latest colt Banyon novel, this one dealing with Nazis and a Nanobot plot.

13: The Hitmen: Death For Sale)review copy) – P. J. Mersedsen & Quentin Rodriquez: A pair of ill matched hitmen meet on the same job for different handlers.

14: Borderline – Bob Herzberg: a new novel from james reasoner’s Rough Edges Press.