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23550957BRASH BOOKS started with a big release in September of thirty books. February brings us eight more. STORME WARNING is the brand new fourth novel in the Wyatt Storme thriller series.

Storme is a retired NFL player, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, who grew tored of the life and lives a hermit-like existence in the Ozarks of his native Missouri in a cabin he built himself. He doesn’t mind people, just not often and not a lot of them. He hunts, has a long time girl friend who spends her weekends with him, and generally enjoys his life away from the limelight.

The land he owns is being used for on location filming of a movie about Jesse James. One part once held a small town he robbed and it’s being recreated by the film’s director.

Getting Wyatt to agree to all that was a job, one that old friend Chick Easton, ex-CIA, now working as a bodyguard for the film’s star, a much hated, but charismatic to the paying customers, young actor, who’d been getting death threats.

Chick also asks Wyatt to back him up and help locate the threat. The problem was that to know the actor was to want to kill him. Obnoxious with a crowd of hangers-on helping him in his wild partying.

To top things off, an old enemy of Wyatt’s, a piece of work named Rory Marchibroda, was out of prison and after revenge. Wyatt hadn’t put him there, but stopped him from his protection racket con with an old army buddy, using a sawed off wooden baseball bat to do so. Rory had been reduced to sticking up curb markets and been caught and sent to prison.

Two fronts and neither of them known at first by Wyatt and Chick.

I like Wyatt Storme. He’s a brash and sarcastic wit. Brash Books plans to bring the first three out as well and based on this one expect them to be good. Hopefully more new books in the series will come. February 3rd is the release date.