Apparently, this film didn’t get distributed much outside of Italy and France.408px-Sangue_chiama_sangue The listing on IMDb, in the section called AKA(Also Known As) only lists two other titles: a French one and the English one I use, which is called the bootleg title. So this print I found on Youtube was illegally dubbed in English and released here. It’s kind of odd in a number of ways. I’m sure it was recorded off television. At one point about an hour in, a crawl runs along the bottom of the screen in a foreign language. I did see the year 1980 included in that crawl. There were a number of bits in the film that weren’t dubbed also. I’ve seen that before. For some reason, the English versions of most of these movies had eight or nine minutes trimmed and restored versions I’ve seen had those bits with no dubbing. It could be whole short scenes or even cuts within scenes. It can be disconcerting watching two people talking and switching back and forth between English and Italian.

imagesThe plot here is one of revenge as seemed the favorite of the spaghetti genre.

Two brothers, one, the younger, a gunman, the older a priest. Andrew(Stephen Forsyth) and Father Louis(Germán Cobos) Willoughby. Andrew hears his brother has taken the vows and hunts him up to let him know he’s proud of big brother. The Father is headed on his donkey to a monastery to which he’d been assigned.

The Mexican bandit leader, Sancho Rodriquez is played by veteran Fernando Sancho, who’s always a joy to watch. He always hams it up, playing loud and happy and violent. His gang raids the monastery to steal a gold and diamond tiara worn by the Virgin Mary statue. The last thing Sancho says before they go in is “No killing! it’s bad luck to kill a Friar!”

So what happens.

You guessed it. They kill every monk in the place, including Father Louisimages (1) who arrives in the middle of the deed. Sancho doesn’t seem to broke up about it.

Mary Anne(Léa Nanni) is a young peddler who knows the secret of the two brothers. She has a crush on Andrew. You can tell. She takes every chance to torment him, shooting at his feet in one sequence, Mary Anne ia the one who finds the murdered monks and spreads the word.

A dance hall girl/prostitute named Carmen(Antonella Judica) has been staked out by Sancho as his property. Though she hates it, she goes along with the guard watchin her, but manages to sneak around long enough to alert the army about the ones who killed the monks and stole the tiara. Mary Anne overhears that and gets word to Andrew who swears vengeance.

To many want the tiara. Carmen has a plan to get it. Even Andrew figures he deserves it after his brother’s death. It falls to Mary Anne to convince him otherwise.

The finale in a group of caves is well staged.

Liked this one.