23591287The thriller that was the basis for the pilot of the TV series The Streets of San Francisco. BRASH BOOKS is bringing out a new edition in February.

Detective Sgt Al Krug and his partner, young Casey Kellogg. With the Santa Monica police, catch a case of a young girl, about twenty, found dead, her body savagely beaten revealed by autopsy. One of a pair of twins, her brother is missing and a lawyer named David J. Farr is tied in some way.

Krug likes him for the murder as he keeps stonewalling the two cops, revealing a bit more with each interview. He’d bailed the girl out after a car wreck and a joint found on her person at the hospital.

There’s also a mystery “uncle” popping up in several spots the twins had been.51cYT9d6BnL Krug and Kellogg can find nothing on the man’s existence or even find him.

While Krug feels Farr is the murderer, Kellogg thinks him innocent. The duo plod along as Kellogg pieces various pieces together as a picture slowly emerges.

Nice action thriller, the first of three novls featuring the two cops.

At the right is the original hardcover edition. Book can be pre-ordered HERE.