an ebook week.

1: Holt County Iron: (Holt County Novella 2) – Richard Prosch: Deputy law man Whit Branham looked forward to a peaceful winter, but Nebraska weather is a fickle mistress, warm one day, frigid the next. Calm and supportive, stormy and murderous. When a long haired stranger showed up in O’Neill and folks started to disappear Branham needed every skill at his command. To save the woman he loves and stop the killing, Whit Branham had only guts, grit, and Holt County iron.

2: A Covey of Quail (Jo Harper Book 5) – Richard Prosch: He came to Willowby every Christmas, an Arapaho boy looking for something, looking for someone. The first thing Stranger Cat found in 1910 was Jake Trail’s bullets, the next thing he found was a family of friends. But then the weather turned bad, and Jo Harper would have to rely on everything she’d learned as Deputy Constable to lead her covey to safety and, just maybe, a Christmas miracle.

3: Hangman’s Knot (Outlaw Ranger Book 2) – James Reasoner: Hell came to Santa Angelina on a beautiful morning, as the Texas settlement was practically wiped out by vicious outlaws led by the bloodthirsty lunatic Henry Pollard. Now Pollard is in jail in Alpine, waiting on his trial and an all but certain date with the hangman. The only real question is whether an outraged lynch mob will string him up first.

4: The Prague Papers: #1 Tana Standish Series – Nik Morton: Czechoslovakia, 1975.
Tana is a spy – and she’s psychic. Orphaned in the Warsaw ghetto during the Second World War, she was adopted by a naval officer and his wife. Now she works for the British Secret Intelligence Service. Czechoslovakia’s people are still kicking against the Soviet invasion. Tana is called in to restore morale and repair the underground network. But there’s a traitor at work. Nik was kind enough to send me a PDF file with additional information.

5: Return to Silver Creek – Chuck Tyrell: Arizona, 1882. Laura and Garet Havelock’s cabin on Silver Creek is only temporary until Garet can build their dream horse ranch. But first he must leave her and go north for horseflesh to stock their range and make their dream a reality.
The dream turns into a nightmare when Laura is attacked and abused by a vicious stranger.
Garet returns to an empty home… and a heart-rending mystery. While he searches for his wife, he stumbles on a potential range war between sheep herders and cattlemen.
When he and Laura are finally reunited, their troubles are far from over. Will they ever live to enjoy their dream ranch, or will the nightmare go on…?
Beaten and broken, Garet must endure much to save his love and set the record straight – with vengeance and blood.

6: McKenna’s House – Robert J. Randisi: After the death of his estranged father, middle-aged insurance investigator Lazarus McKenna leaves Chicago and moves into his father’s house—the house he grew up in—and establishes his business in Omaha, NE. Eventually, his lonely life is invaded by a young woman and a small boy who may or may not be on the run. Finding them in a bus station, he takes them into his care—and home—on a cold winter night, hoping to discover what their trouble is so he can help them with it. At the same time he is hired by a woman to discover whether or not her murdered husband was cheating on her at the time of his death. McKenna’s once boring, quiet life is shattered as both cases turn deadly.

This Randisi novel—his 620th—displays a whole new level of depth and heart.

7: Livin’ on Jacks and Queens – edited by Robert J. Randisi: Legendary western writer and noted anthologist Robert J. Randisi offers up a winning hand with fourteen never-before-published tales of the Old West, each revolving around the central theme of gambling.