gtb263Alexander Garrity, better known as Drift for his propensity for moving on frequently, was looking for something: his past. Father went west when he was a baby to find gold, mother died broke, he raised in an orphanage. Drift became a cowboy, a grueling life. In the off season, it was a hardscrabble existence, looking for work, any work, to sustain him.

Drift first runs into Mad Dungaree Dan, a reclusive ex-miner who lived in a mountain ghost town where he kept captive his two beautiful daughters, Melissa and Isabella, when he rescues Melissa from a dangerous situation and is nearly killed by the old man for his efforts.

He ends up getting a job on a large ranch, mostly at the instigation of the owner’s beautiful daughter, Rebecca. Which puts him on the wrong side of the foreman Zack Emmett, vicious range boss and one- time gunfighter, who Drift had already whipped in a fist fight. The man had his eyes set on Rebecca and control of her father’s ranch.

A final showdown in an old ghost town and some surprising revelations highlight this fine western. According to the author, the Kindle is tro be released on December 24th and can be pre-ordered here.