I’ve reached another big number here on the blog. Post # 2500. As I’ve said before it all started on a whim when one morning when I went to checking my favorite blogs and found one that said author has ended the blog> Or some such wording. Out beside was start your own blog.

I did.

There was a period when I was having trouble with WordPress and switched to Blogger. But I never warmed to it or figured out much about some of it’s features. Things swung back and I eventually folded my Blogger posts into WordPress. There was also a third blog devoted to westerns, fiction, movies, and TV. Never did well(I think I had a total of hits equal to about a day on NOT THE BASEBALL PITCHER) and I ran that one for about six months before giving it up. Those too got folded into this blog.

So, 2500 total after about six years.