A STRANGER IN TOWN(released in the U.K. as A DOLLAR BETWEEN THE TEETH, probably the literal translation of the Italian title and the condition he leaves the villain with at the end) was the first of four films to feature Tony Anthony asstrangerintown the enigmatic Stranger(the only way he was ever identified). I posted on the second, THE STRANGER RETURNS, and the third, THE SILENT STRANGER, late last year. This one only got posted on Youtube lst spring. The fourth, GET MEAN, from 1975 hasn’t made it yet. There seems to be problems with that one. It was the only one not directed by Luigi Vanzi(Ferdinando Baldi did the honors for the fourth). Before release it was re-cut, against Tony Anthony’s wishes, and most hope for a DVD of the version he wanted some day.

The Stranger is an odd character. He doesn’t fight well and, as a result, gets beat up quite often in these films. But he will use exotic weapons to get back and, while he doesn’t have a lot of scruples himself, his opponents usually are much worse.

230px-Tony2In A STRANGER IN TOWN, the Stranger rides into a sleepy border town looking for a place to get some sleep. Not the only thing he wants though. He’s gotten wind of a U.S. Army troop coming to meet a Mexican unit to turn over a chest of gold being lent to the Mexican government. He witness the Mexican army arrive and be slaughtered by a gang of bandits led by Aguila(Frank Wolff) that know of the deal. He inserts himself into the proceedings by convincing Aguila he’s an American Army captain sent to smooth transition because he knows the Mexican colonel and the American lieutenant in charge of the gold, the only one who knows both.

It’s all a ruse though as we see him approach the lieutenant, drawing a gun in200px-Sit40 hiding from Aguila, and apprising the lieutenant of the trap if he doesn’t co-operate.

For putting the deal over, the Stranger wants half of the gold. Aguila is not so generous, offering him only a single coin as payment.

The rest of the film is them pursuing him, the Stranger dogging them later, picking them off one at a time(he now states that he wants all the gold for their betrayal), a savage beating from fists, then a woman with a whip, and the final showdown as he takes on the gang with a double barreled shotgun that fires solid slugs instead of buckshot.

A pretty good western shot on a tiny budget, spare sets, even sparer dialogue.