51cHmcigN2LPizzeria owner Alphonse Lucci is an old man who’s pretty much a straight arrow these days. Even when much younger, he was never more than a minor, a very minor, player in the mobster business. Not nearly as tough as the real thing.

But Streeter is a different matter entirely. So when a self-styled bad-ass, Fred Disanto, tries to force Alphonse into selling his restaurant to finish a land deal a bit shady that would land him a mint and the old man resists(he started the restaurant with his dad after WWII), Lucci turns to Streeter for help. With a soft spot for the likeable old man, Streeter decides to help…and gets pulled into a deadly mess that could leave them both dead.

A lot of players want in on the deal and are even more ruthless than Disanto.

Fine thriller. Brash Books will release this book on February 3rd. Below is the original cover.