A story of a family estranged from each other. Silas Smith had fought for thecover - BY BLOOD BOUND North in the war. His Southern father-in-law, a hidebound old Rebel, had poisoned his wife and young sons minds against him so that, after years away, they hated him.

Silas walked away and had seen none of them for a dozen years. In that interim, he’d become a lawman in a small Nebraska town.

Then his mother-in-law came to see him. His wife was dead, his father-in-law had committed suicide, two of her other sons were gone. All that was left were her, her youngest and weakest son, and his two sons. She wanted them to reconnect and extracted a promise from Silas to give it a try.

This is the story of he halting steps each side takes to do that, especially when their lives depend on each other.

Another fine western from an excellent writer. Can be ordered HERE.