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1: Loot(ARC) – Jude Watson: On a foggy night in Amsterdam, a man falls from a rooftop to the wet pavement below. It’s Archibald McQuinn, the notorious cat burglar, and he’s dying. As sirens wail in the distance, Archie manages to get out two last words to his young son, March: “Find jewels.” But March learns that his father is not talking about hidden loot. He’s talking about Jules, the twin sister March never knew he had. No sooner than the two find each other, they’re picked up by the police and sent to the world’s worst orphanage. It’s not hard time, but it feels like it. But the pair have no intention of staying put. They know their father’s business inside and out, and they’re tired of being pushed around. Just one good heist, and they’ll live the life of riches and freedom that most kids only dream about. . . . .

2: The Stolen Ones(ARC) – Owen Laukkanen: A sheriff’s deputy steps out of a diner on a rainy summer evening, and a few minutes later, he’s lying dead in the mud. When BCA agent Kirk Stevens arrives on the scene, he discovers local authorities have taken into custody a single suspect: A hysterical young woman found sitting by the body, holding the deputy’s own gun. She has no ID, speaks no English. A mystery woman. The mystery only deepens from there as Stevens and Carla Windermere, his partner in the new joint BCA–FBI violent crime task force, find themselves on the trail of a massive international kidnapping and prostitution operation.

3: The Job – Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg: The FBI had one demand when they secretly teamed up Special Agent Kate O’Hare with charming con man Nicolas Fox—bring down the world’s most-wanted and untouchable felons. This time it’s the brutal leader of a global drug-smuggling empire. The FBI doesn’t know what their target looks like, where he is, or how to find him, but Nick Fox has a few tricks up his sleeve to roust this particular Knipschildt chocolate–loving drug lord.

4: Blood Line(review copy) – John J. Davis: If your family is a target, you have to be a weapon. When a simple home invasion turns out to be not so simple, Ron Granger must put aside his quiet rural life and return to the Central Intelligence Agency to take on international arms dealers.

5: Star Trek: Foul Deeds Will Rise – Greg Cox: The U.S.S Enterprise-A is on a vital peacekeeping mission in a remote solar system beyond the boundaries of the Federation, where two warring planets—Pavak and Oyolo—are attempting to end years of bitter conflict. Crucial peace talks are being conducted aboard the Enterprise, even as Starfleet weapons inspectors oversee the disarmament process. Losses and atrocities on both sides have left plenty of hard feelings behind, so Captain James T. Kirk has his work cut out for him, even as he unexpectedly runs into a disturbing figure from his past: Lenore Karidian, the deadly daughter of Kodos the Executioner, who once tried to kill Kirk. But she has since been declared sane and rehabilitated.

6: Trial At Fort Keogh – Charles G. West: Clint Cooper, the easy-going foreman of the Double-V-Bar Ranch, expects little in return for his labor other than the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. So when Sioux raiders descend on Yellowstone Valley, threatening not only the livestock, but also the locals, it’s no surprise when Clint goes above and beyond to protect his folk and his livelihood—joining with soldiers from neighboring Fort Keogh to hunt the Sioux down. But while most people are impressed with Clint’s tracking skills and gunwork, not everyone is singing his praises. The crooked lawmen from the nearby town of Miles City have an agenda of their own, and Clint stands in the way. They want him out of commission—for good. As they try to turn the army and townspeople against him, Clint may find himself fighting against the very men whose lives he just saved….

and the ebooks:

7: West of The Big River: The Sheriff – Chuck Tyrell: Outlaws ran wild in Apache County, Arizona Territory, until the day a long-haired, straight-shooting cowboy with the unlikely name of Commodore Perry Owens pinned on the sheriff’s badge and set out to rid the county of lawlessness. Owens would need every bit of his gun skill just to stay alive as he cleaned up the territory!

8: By Blood Bound: (The Smith & Sons Saga) – Wayne D. Dundee: read and a review posted.

9: Ghost Town Belles(review copy) Chap O’Keefe: read and a review posted.

10: Thundar: Man Of Two Worlds – Stuart Byrne(writing as John Bloodstone): Michael Storm, a twentieth-century archaeologist, has stumbled upon a strange new world. Deep in the mountains of Peru, he crosses a gateway leading to a world of mutated monsters, tribal apemen, and wondrous futuristic technology. The key to Storm’s survival in this bizarre new reality is his very identity–is he the godlike warrior Thundar, spoken of in the prophecies, or merely a man in the wrong place at the wrong time? A tale of myth and adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs. With a new introduction by the author describing his experiences in Peru after World War II and how his search for lost Incan treasure helped inspire this book.

11: Sherlock Holmes: Blood to the Bone (Fight Card) – Jack Tunney: Deptford, England, 1888 … Richard Stokes – one half of a tag-team carnival boxing duo – has vanished, leaving his loving wife, pugilist Eby Stokes, homeless and penniless with only questions and no answers. A mutual friend asks Holmes to look into the disappearance. Watson believes the matter to be a common case of abandonment, and Holmes’ interest merely an excuse to try his hand in the boxing booths of a visiting circus. However, when they are almost killed, Holmes and Watson’s only remaining clue to Stokes disappearance harkens back to a boxing club disbanded in shame more than sixty years earlier.

12: And Death Will Seize the Doctor, Too(review copy) – Jeremiah Swanson: CHRISTIAN THOMPSON HAD THE POWER to heal people with a touch of his hand, but in order to cure one person he first had to kill someone else. The man he’d come to kill on this particular night was Walter Chambers. Walter Chambers made his living by robbing houses, and sometimes he wound up killing the people who lived in them. Walter wasn’t an especially bright or talented or even cunning criminal but he did manage to get away with what he was doing for almost thirteen years before he was finally caught, tried, and sentenced to death. That sentence, as far as most people who cared to know knew, had been carried out about a half hour ago. Christian, of course, knew better.

13: Revenge is a Redhead – Phil Beloin Jr.: Rich Brown is out of cash and luck when he finds stripper Cherry Pop. Like so many before him, Rich falls for the redhead, but all he can afford is a quick peep show. But soon Rich has bigger problems than lack of love and money when he stumbles into a homeless shelter that’s really a front for a bunch of shady dealings. He crosses paths with Cherry Pop again, and to survive the night, the duo have claw their way out of all kinds of mayhem.