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downloadLucille Ball stars as Lucy, a cabaret girl stranded in Panama after the bar lays off the girls and the band because of slow business. She has a boy friend, Roy Harmon(Donald Briggs), who has abandoned her. Constantly talking marriage, but never seriously or with any real intent, he’s actually a gun smuggler. Lucy stows away on his plane and learns what he does. While a louse, he doesn’t want her killed and gets her away.

While begging the bar owner Lenore(Evelyn Brent) for even a job in the kitchen, a very drunk man, Dennis McTeague(Allan Lane), wanders into the bar flashing a big roll of cash. Lucy gets reluctantly pulled into a “rolling” scheme with Lenore and Pearl(Bernadene Hayes) that relieves a passed out McTeague of his money. He raises a stink when he wakes up and gets Lenore arrested and Lucy is about to get the same when she tells him she can take him to his money.

Unfortunately Pearl has fled, the money’s gone, and McTeague offers her aimages chance to work it off. He’s an oil speculator in South America and wants a housekeeper. She makes him draw a map to where his camp lies and leaves it in a letter for Roy. Naive person that Lucy is, she still believes he’s an honorable man.

Lucy learns that McTeague’s intentions aren’t lacivious after all and settles in to do her job, even if he’d rather she just relax.

Roy runs into a loss when the smuggling operation is raided and figures Lucy blew the whistle. Now he DOES want her dead and follows the map down to the South American camp where he learns fron Lucy that McTeague has found his oil. He hadn’t registered the land yet, waiting to confirm the find, and snooping Roy has found the papers. A row follows and Roy ends up dead, shot through the head.

Panama_ladyAn Incan house girl blames Lucy(she loves McTeague) and he has to get her out of the country.

The main story is all flashback as McTeague has found Lucy after a year in New York and they discuss the affair, including what really happened in the camp.

It was odd seeing a very young Lucille Ball when one is used to seeing housewife/klutz Lucy Ricardo. I do remember her from a Stooges short with blonde hair though.