51M1JF7FQ-LProfessor Stanley Hopkins needed one more chapter for his book Workplace Dynamics For Women that was necessary for publication. The book would help when tenure was discussed next year at the university. He stumbles across an old fraternity friend who ran a porn film studio these days and a light bulb goes off in his head. Including women in the porn industry might help sell the book.

It was a hard sell to people at the university and his friend, Donald Johansson was enthusiastic about helping, lining up interview subjects. Eden, his studio, was about to release the first porn film to mainstream theaters, TOYS IN BABELAND, and Hopkins’ book could only help.

Hopkins and his wife, along to run the recording cameras and help with the interviews, get invited to an awards ceremony preceding the premiere, which is where things go bad.

Johansson is found passed out in his office from pills and booze, his prize star bludgeoned to death, and the murder weapon in his hand, a fraternity paddle Hopkins had brought along as a gift.

When the porn king asks his friend to prove he didn’t kill the young woman and Hopkins agrees, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a whirlwind. The university is appalled that he’d be tied up in the middle of such goings-on. It reflected badly on them. The notion of tenure was up in smoke and his job was on the line now. His marriage might be in trouble. And all because he was helping man he hadn’t seen in years beore this business came along.

Wonderful mystery.