220px-MesalostwomenISLAND OF LOST WOMEN was one of those male fantasy films of the fifties. Young, virile men discover an island with three beautiful young women who’d never seen young men before and were fascinated. Come to think of it, that same fantasy probably fills young men’s minds today.

Mark Bradley(Jeff Richards) is a radio commentator being flown to Australia by his pilot Joe Walker(John Smith). Richards was a former baseball player and Smith is probably best known for his western series Laramie. A typhoon forces their plane off course and damages one engine. Looking to ditch in the Pacific, thy spot an unknown island and head for that. A voice comes over the radio, a male voice, warning them away, with the possibility of their destruction if they don’t comply. They have no choice but to land on the beach.

There they meet an old man played by Alan Napier, best known as Alfred on the Batman series, who agrees to let them fix the engine. then They must leave.

Only they find he has three beautiful daughters, each name after one of the220px-Island_of_Lost_Women_FilmPoster planets: Venus (Venetia Stevenson), Urana (Diane Jergens), and Mercuria (June Blair). All lovely and all dressed in modest dresses, by today’s standards anyway, with very short skirts that showed a lot of leg. Blair played a sixteen year old temptress who was a bit jealous of her older sisters. She was a former Playmate of the month who later married David Nelson and joined the Ozzie & Harriet show.

The old man, they learned was Dr. Paul Lujan, one of the scientists on the Manhattan Project, who became disillusioned when Hiroshima was bombed. He’d been told it was to be only a threat. He’d moved his family to the island to continue his work. His wife had passed years ago. His disappearance had caused a manhunt at the time. So he was big news and Bradley wanted to get away to reveal his presence.

downloadLujan had a number of devices he developed on the island. One was a converted Luger with a large barrel and a canister mounted under it. He called it a flamethrower, but it projected a sort of ray with which he destroyed their plane and threatened their lives. He also had a nuclear reactor in a cave where he was making U-235 in an improved manner over standard methods.

Science is a bit iffy in this one.

A battle with a shark that threatens Venus has Bradley wrestling,then killing it with a knife. Stock footage must have been used for parts as the size and species kept changing in early swimming scenes. And I swear Bradley was either wrestling a fake shark, or one already dead, in the climax.

The iffy science comes in when the reactor blows, with them only a few hundred yards away, and a giant mushroom cloud rises. No ill effects and not a lot of destruction of the island. The explosion gets the world’s attention and rescue is sent.