23363534Let me start by saying that TRUTH INSURRECTED doesn’t read like a first novel. The author’s style and pacing kept me flipping through the pages. A fairly long book, 462 pages, it actually seemed much shorter. Good books will do that and then one can’t help but be disappointed it’s finished. But there will be his next book to look forward to picking up.

Private eye William Harrison, ex-FBI because of a bullet would that partially crippled one leg, begins getting mail from a “Deep Throat” type who calls himself Echo Tango, ET for short.

Harrison gets pulled into a six decade cover-up going all the way back to Roswell, New Mexico. Those behind it are ruthless in their zeal to keep it all under wraps. Getting help from old friends to try to uncover the mess, he learns things that involve his own family’s past.

Terrific science fiction thriller. Look forward to Daniel P. Douglas’s future works. Can be ordered here.