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429px-Campa_carogna..._la_taglia_cresce_articleBy 1973, even the boost from the comedic Trinity films had started to wear thin. Fewer spaghetti westerns were being made and even fewer really good ones. CHARGE!(This was the U.K> title. I liked it better than the American one, THOSE DIRTY GUYS, which had a, I don’t know, comedic bent that didn’t fit) was a movie that starred Stephen Boyd and Gianni Garko(billed as Johnny Garko). Boyd plays Captain Chadwell, sent by President Garfield to help stop Mexican bandits and a leftover crackpot General from the Maximillian years who worshiped Napoleon. Garko is a Muslim, Koran quoting bounty hunter known only as Korano.

Chadwell is accompanied by two men: Lt, Younger(Howard Ross) and a black449526_2616ac enlisted man, Corporal Washington smith(Harry Baird).

They arrive in time to find a massacred troop and missing munitions(two hundred rifles, two gatling guns, and two hundred thousand rounds of ammunition. Thr troop had been slaughtered by an outlaw band led by Angelo Sanchez(Simón Andreu). Also taken was the blonde daughter of the fort’s doctor, Miss Adams(Teresa Gimpera).

Carogna3b (1)The three army men are out to find the arms and rescue the woman. Korano is onlt interested in Angelo Sanchez, specifically the thousand on his head.

This wasn’t a great film, but not bad. It tried to be too many things, even a couple of minor comedy bits, to be completely satisfying. It did have pretty good music with the theme song sung by star Stephen Boyd.

Korano, as happened in a lot of these spaghetti westerns used some exotic weapons: a machine gun in the shaft of his sun umbrella and a long rile that appeared to shoot sticks of dynamite without them having to be lit.