Knocked out another of the 87th Precinct series. Five more, all early ones, to4133204 complete the series.

In CALYPSO, the so-called King of Calypso music is murdered headed home from his latest gig. His manager is also shot, but he survives because the shooter ran out of information. A few hours later a hooker is killed with the same gun.

Steve Carello and Meyer Meyer catch the case and start looking into it. It takes a few days for them to connect the two cases. About the same time as someone finishes the job on the manager.

The only ID Carello and Meyer got for the shooter was a pair of skinnt kegs in black pants. The manager had had eyes only for the gun aimed at his head. The fact that it was in the middle of a driving rain storm, which continues for days, didn’t help matters.

The Calypso singer apparently was single minded about his career and not especially liked. Which only widened the field of suspects.

Another winning entry in the 87th series.