This has nothing to do with Django. As was the usual thing back in those days,Giulatestahombre the spaghetti films tried to ride the coattails of the more successful entries in the genre. There were something like thirty, maybe more, films that had Django in the title. The only official sequel, with original star Franco Nero, came more than twenty years after the original. It also appeared under the title A FISTFUL OF DEATH and the world-wide English title was ADIOS COMPANEROS.

It was written and directed by Demofilo Fidani under his pseudonym Miles Deem. Fidani specialized in low budget movies and this one scraped the bottom of the barrel. Dirty and filled with a saloon brawl, a staple Testa222_Newof the spaghetti western, bad fist fights in other places, and a lot of gun play.

Jeff Cameron plays Macho Callaghan, the lone survivor of an ambush by Butch Cassidy(Jack Betts), billed as Hunt Powers), the Sundance Kid(Giancarlo Prete, billed as Philip Garner), and their gang, who needed horses, food, and ammunition. Wounded by a bullet, he plays dead until they leave. He’s rescued and heals, then goes looking for revenge.

In that interim, Butch and the gang have had a falling out and split, half going with Ironhead(spaghetti vet Gordon Mitchell). Here’s where it gets weird. Ironhead has become respectable, planning the jobs and letting his gang pull them, takeimg_198124_lrg the risks, and gets the biggest cut. He doesn’t mind if some of them get killed, even helping out in that a bit. A bigger cut for him. At the same time, Butch and Sundance are posing as a veterinarian and his assistant.

Macho meets and befriends one of the outlaws, Buck O’Sullivan(Benito Pacifico, billed as Dennis Colt), in the above mentioned saloon brawl, the two mwn fighting to a standstill, then getting drunk together. It’s his in to Ironhead’s band and there he begins his plan against the two bands, helping pull a job, then playing the two off against each other. Ironhead hates Butch for beating him out of the proceeds in a crooked poker game.

MV5BMTIwMDc5MDE1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDU4MTMzMQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_We learn a secret at the end about Macho as he continues his hunt for Butch and Sundance, the only survivors, who escaped, minus a big pile of loot.

I’ve said before that the spaghettis had good, bad, and just plain ugly entries. This one falls closer to ugly than bad, For the spaghetti purist, as I am, only. The best thing about it was the presence of Klaus Kinski, a favorite, playing against type as a mild mannered, mostly, priest. Restrained for once, he’s always a joy to watch.