1: Day of Mourning – Don Pendleton: I read these first two years ago and my copies are long gone. Evan Lewis recommended them on Facebook as two of the better post-Don Pendleton books. Stephen Mertz is the actual author and I’ve recently grown to appreciate his work more recently.

2: Dead Man Running – Don Pendleton: Sequel to the first book.

and the ebooks:

3: Devil’s Run – Richard Prosch: Richard’s latest Peregrine story.

4: Christmas With The Dead – Joe R. Lansdale: great zombie story.

5: Jake Istenhegyi, The Accidental Detective: A Chick, A Dick and a Witch Walk Into a Barn…- Nikki Nelson-Hicks: good mash-up of the P.I. story and a bit of Lovecraft thrown in.

6: Jake Istenhegyi, The Accidental Detective: Golems, Goons and Cold Stone Bitches – Nikki Nelson-Hicks: same as above.

7: Going Shogun – Ernie Lindsey: Lovable loser Chris waits tables by day and dreams of making something better of himself by night. But, under the almighty, oppressive rule of The Board and their divisive caste system, it’s nearly impossible. That is until his super-geek pal and fellow waiter, Forklift, hits upon a foolproof scheme: steal their employer’s ultra-popular, top secret recipes and sell them on a black market internet site.

8: The Last of The Star Kings – Edmond Hamilton: The newly discovered finale to the Star Kings saga! Edmond Hamilton’s The Star Kings (Amazing Stories in 1949) is one of the jewels in the crown of early space opera, rivaled only by E. E. Smith’s Lensmen Series and Jack Williamson’s Legion of Space Saga. Then in 1957 Hamilton penned two additional novels in the Star Kings universe, that languished undiscovered in the pages of Imaginative Tales, until earlier this year when the editors of FuturesPast Editions found both stories, one (set millennia after the events of The Star Kings) the capstone to the entire saga.