With the recent announcement that the Gold Eagle imprint would cease in 2015, it would seem that Mack Bolan, at least the ghost written versions will be consigned to history. Linda Pendleton has just released her late husband’s thirty-seven Executioner novels to the ebook format where a whole new generation of readers may soon discover these fine action books.

In discussions on Facebook, Evan Lewis mentioned these two as among the better of the post-Don Pendleton Executioner. I read them when they were new and soon drifted away when I discovered one of the writers was recycling his older works into Bolan titles. Most of those books soon left the house. But having recently become a fan of Stephen Mertz’s work, I sought out copies of these two and enjoyed them very much.

The two book sequence follows Bolan, aka John Phoenix, in his efforts to uncover a mole high up in U.S. Intelligence circles, someone responsible for an attack on Stony Man Farm, Phoenix’s stronghold in his new battle with terrorism. The first book has a number of friends killed, one of them his lady love April Rose, and an unholy alliance with the D.C, branch of the Mafia and Communist Russia.

It also seemed a turning point in the direction of the series.

These were two fine novels.