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24358559He was gaining a reputation as The Lawyer for a pair of reasons. First, lawyering was his profession. Or rather had been, that ending when he arrived home to find his family murdered, his house burned to the ground.

J. D. Miller then became a hunter for the ones responsible. Also judge, jury, and executioner. It became his mission and thus The Lawyer was formed. An unrelenting pursuit, only occasionally sidelined to help folks that needed aid.

In this first volume, he stops to help a young couple hurt by one of his targets, the husband shot, the wife nearly ready to give birth. In town, he gets pulled into a bully boy’s depredations against his will.

But he never did anything halfway.

Author Wayne Dundee and Beat To A Pulp, in the form of David Cranmer in his disguise(hah) of Edward A, Grainger, bring us what looks to be a very good series. Available HERE.