23366641Author E. J. Findorff was born and raised in New Orleans and sets his tales in that fabled city. KINGS OF DELUSION is set before, during, and after the events of Hurricane Katrina.

Paramedic Evan Pelicano is the main protagonist, a fictional version of a real person who’s true actions are woven into the story of a serial killer hunting for an escaped victim of a massacre while rescues were being done during those horrific events.

Pelicano finds himself guarding the sixteen year old daughter, the sole surviving member of a slain family, his friends, from the killer while at the same time worrying about his missing sister and wanting to get to his father, a man dying of cancer, before it was to late.

I remember when it was all going down, watching the news reports of Katrina bearing down on New Orleans, worrying about the people, and a few friends.

Nicely paced novel combining rescue missions and attempts on a young girl’s life, with us wondering which of the suspects was the real killer.

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