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51MjcCo8IhLMike Resnick edits the Stellar Guild series and the idea is to pair a long established SF author with a younger, newer writer of his choosing. Together they write a pair of similarly themed novelettes. This one is a bit different in that Resnick had one writer in mind and Niven another.

They take an old tale by Niven, FLASH CROWD, and have the two writers write tales based on it’s themes: which is an examination of the political, economic, and social changes of a teleportation system. Niven expands and updates his story(the new version mentions Wi-Fi and the BP oil spill in the Gulf for example), the title becoming RED TIDE, then writes his own new story for the book.

It works well.

Other established authors participating in the project include Kevin J. Anderson, Mercedes Lackey, Harry Turtledove, Robert Silverberg, Nancy Kress, & Eric Flint. Most of the younger writers I wasn’t familiar with, part of the reason for the series, to introduce them to a larger audience. I suspect I will begin picking the first six books up as I go along. RED TIDE can be ordered here.