1; Woman In The Dark – Dashiell Hammett: A young, frightened, foreign woman appears at the door of an isolated house. The man and woman inside take her in. Other strangers appear in pursuit of the girl. Menace is in the air. Originally published in 1933, Hammett’s Woman in the Dark shows the author at the peak of his narrative powers. With an introduction by Robert B. Parker, the author of the celebrated Spenser novels.

2: Scarlet Riders – Don Hutchinson: Richard posted on this collection recently and piqued my interest.

3: Tau Ceti – Kevin J. Anderson & Steven Saville: I recently posted on RED TIDE, the most recent book in the STELLAR GUILD SERIES. This book was the first. I hope to get all of them before I’m through.

and the ebooks:

4: The Bedroom Bolero – Michael Avallone

5: The Living Bomb – Michael Avallone: two entries in Avallone’s Ed Noon P.I. series now being released to ebooks.

6: Renegade – Lou Cameron: first in the author’s adult western series(originally published under the name Ramsay Thorne. If I like this one, got a lot of catching up to do(36 titles), though only three have made it to ebook so far. Charles Gramlich turned me on to these.