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20744803The world was changing for P.I. Ed Noon. The Mouse Auditorium was a thing of the past, Noon having moved to more uptown digs. His secretary had run off, gotten married, an Noon had hired a young black woman, Melissa Mercer, to replace her. Now he just needed a case to keep the new prosperity going.

Then Captain Mike Monks, the sole cop he could call friend, shows up at his door. He wanted to know what Noon knew about a piece of music called “Bolero.” A stiff had been found in a bedroom with four red painted walls, no furniture other than a record player with that record playing over and over. The rest of the day was a bust, only one woman who wanted her estranged husband beat up and then insulted his new secretary, and Monks called at the end of the day.

Two more corpses, all three with the same things in common: all with a heart condition(and treated at the same hospital), naked and strangled in a furniture less room but for a record player with the same recording of Ravel’s Bolero. posed amid walls of red paint(Bolero Red as it turns out), all three with double initial names(D E & A).

Then the performance artist with the name Evelyn Eleven wants to hire him to beat up a man who threatened to kill her. Her act was accompanied by the Bolero song and her supposed future killer was named Thaddeus Orelob.

It all leads to a strange case for our favorite private eye.

The Ed Noon series is being released to ebook. If you want some great reads, pick up a few.