230px-Tu_fosa_seraAnother western comedy made in the wake of the Trinity films successes in the late days of the spaghetti western.

Three men, Doctor Janus Saxon(Craig Hill), safe cracker Donovan(Carlos Otero), and a Mexican bandit named Carrasco (Chris Huerta) rob a bank. But Carrasco double crosses him with his brother Dog (Richard Melvill) and their gang waiting topside as they emerge from the bank. Saxon is somewhat of a philosopher and writes it off. He believes his day will come when the shoe is on the other foot. Donovan is more dramatic and attempts to hang himself, failing at that as the limb breaks.

Saxon is mainly a conman who fleeces folks at the pool table with a trick cue ball. They never really explain how it works though.

Our hero’s chance comes when Carrasco’s brother, nursing a hangover,domanipassoasalutarelatuavedova2d-130x216 doesn’t flee with his brother and the gang when the law is closing in. Now he is scheduled for a trial and a quick hanging. Carrasco wants to rescue him. Stupid as his brother is, he’s still blood. Dog is pretending an ailment for an attempt at escape and the sheriff. Appleton(spaghetti vet Luis Induni) is looking for a doctor, the town medico is passed out drunk, when someone mentions a new doctor in town that is winning at the pool table in the saloon. Saxon claims appendicitus and plans to operate> In privacy of course where he more or less tortures the location of the gold from Dog.

domani_passo_a_salutare_la_tua_vedova_parola_di_epidemia_craig_hill_john_wood_ignacio_f_iquino_004_j_rexpA trip to retrieve it brings a meeting with a young man who says his name is Louis Donovan(Pedro Mari Sánchez), the son of his old partner who was killed in a shootout with the law. The site proves false and sets off a chase for Dog, being moved to Louisville for trail and hanging.

That’s when Deborah Page(Claudie Lange) enters the picture, a beautiful young woman just as greedy as the men. She knows how to use her feminine wiles to get next to any man: first Carraso, then Saxon, then a banker late in the film. We get double cross piled on double cross as the film progresses.

Not a bad film, but some strange stuff goes on.

They never explain why Saxon steals a bicycle from a wandering painter,download (1) abandoning his horse to do so. Made no sense to me. And the time was during the Civil War. The bicycle in the film had a too modern look for the time period of the movie. And most gun handlers used a Colt Peacemaker, not introduced until years after the war. At the end, the three men are arrested by Confederate soldiers, we’re treated to a montage of war photographs before Saxon, Donovan, and Carrasco appear at a bank in Confederate garb to take possession of the bank’s money(gold, paper, and silver) ostensibly to move it to another bank before it’s lost to the North amid the ongoing battle. No explanantion for how they go from being arrested to having Confederate uniforms and replacing the unit sent to move the bank funds. One review site hinted they’s been in jail for several years, but it doesn’t work for me. Not enough years for the war to make that happen.