n375670BLIND JUSTICE AT WEDLOCK is not an old book, a Black Horse Western from 2011. Ross Morton is of course author Nik Morton.

Clint Brennan was shot and left for dead, along with his dog Mutt, the last thing he saw were the two men dragging his wife Belle from their home. It was a third person that shot him.

Clint was blind when he came to, one shot having hit him in the head.

A little thing like blindness wasn’t going to stop him from saving Belle though. Mutt wasn’t badly wounded either and after a bit of bandaging, feeling around for supplies and one of Belle’s nightgowns, the pair leaves with Mutt trailing the scent.

Meanwhile, Belle gets rescued by a gentleman and taken to his home in a nearby town, he promising to help her get back to Bethesda Falls to see to her husband’s body. But there was always a reason why it couldn’t be done immediately.

A believably done story of a determined blind man to find and rescue his wife. And find out what was going on.

Really enjoyed this one.