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1: Touchfeather – Jimmy Sangster

2: Touchfeather, Too – Jimmy Sangster: Katy Touchfeather is an agent with British Intelligence. Brash Books is bringing out new additions of the books.

3: Blood Infernal – James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell: Third novel in the Order of The Sanguines trilogy. As an escalating scourge of grisly murders sweeps the globe, archaeologist Erin Granger must decipher the truth behind an immortal prophecy foretold in the Blood Gospel, a tome written by Christ and lost for centuries: The shackles of Lucifer have been loosened.

4: Trusting Viktor(review copy) – Lee Mims: Betting her life savings on a risky offshore natural gas enterprise, brilliant geologist Cleo Cooper has high hopes for a big payday. But a violent attack onboard the drillship darkens Cleo’s optimism. Days later, a man washes up on the coast near the drill sight, but is it the man who assaulted Cleo? When Viktor, a promising young Russian geologist is hired as the dead man’s replacement, Cleo isn’t sure if he’s friend or foe.

5: Under A Turquoise Sky(review copy) – Lisa Carter: When federal agent Aaron Yazzie is assigned to protect the only witness to a drug cartel execution, he hides Kailyn Eudailey in the safest place he knows . . . the vast, untamed wilderness of the Navajo Reservation.

6: Great Kings’ War – Roland Green & John F. Carr: first sequel to H. Beam Piper’s Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen.

and the ebooks:

7: The Society of Orion: Deception{review copy) – Gerald J. Kubicki & Kristopher Kubicki: Colton Banyon and friends are still gathering the weapons of Orion. What would happen if a country like North Korean obtained the Orion weapons? They are only in Poland a few hours and the Patel sisters face a monstrous threat as several mercenaries invade their hotel suite intending to kill them and steal the talisman they have brought from India.

8: Plunge(review copy) – Rex Kusler; seventh book in the Las Vegas mystery series. Alice James and Jim Snow are back together working on a new case while trying to resolve their personal differences. This investigation is focused on a recently retired jockey who was stabbed and thrown off the roof of a parking garage after an argument with his new wife, two friends, and a former NBA hellion who vehemently objected to the victim’s method of play at their blackjack table.

9: Lonnie gentry – Peter Brandvold: Life has not been easy for young cowboy Lonnie Gentry. Lonnie and his mother live alone, working hard, raising cattle and horses on their remote Colorado mountain ranch. Now the thirteen-year-old must travel over perilous mountains to return money stolen by his mother’s outlaw boyfriend to a deputy U.S. marshal.
On Lonnie’s journey, he’s joined by young Casey Stoveville, daughter of a sheriff killed by the outlaws.

10: Kalvan Kingmaker – John F. Carr: third novel in the Lord Kalvan series.

11: Outlaw Ranger: Blood and Gold – Jame Reasoner: A savage ambush…twenty men slaughtered in a brutal massacre…a fortune in gold stolen! This was a crime big enough and bold enough to bring the Outlaw Ranger to the wide-open settlement of Cemetery Butte, where a powerful mining tycoon rode roughshod over any who dared to oppose him. But even that atrocity doesn’t prepare G.W. Braddock for the evil that awaits him, stretching bloody hands out of the past.