23521766Lt. Commander Aden Pendar thought his whole future was laid out. As First Officer of the Hyrathian warship Ryzell and the son of a Duke, expected his coming evaluation would earn him a Captain’s rank and his own ship. The plan then was to ask the Queen for her daughter’s hand in marriage, securing his rise in power.

Two things waylaid those plans.

The alliance declared war against Hyrathia over their claim to the planet Kavil and his captain told him, while technically proficient at command, he wasn’t ready for a captaincy. He had no people skills when it came to dealing with the crew. That would come in time.

But not now.

And the war began going badly for Hyrathia. While no other race could stand up to them, the combined Alliance was getting it done.

Hyrathia’s salvation lay in a ship that had disappeared twenty years before. The Dragon had had a new weapon system that laid waste to an enemy, giving Hyrathia victory, then the scientist that had developed it, had flown off without a word. No one knew where or why. It had not been seen, found, since.

Aden’s new mission was to take a handpicked crew, find the lost Dragon, and save Hyrathia from being wiped out.

A tall order.

But there was much more going on Aden was to learn.

Space opera by one of the finest young writers going today. Release date is April 7th.