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Max Allan Collins had less to work with this time around in completing22716648 Spillane’s Hammer novel. About half the previous works and a first chapter used for another published novel: The Girl Hunters.

Reworking the beginning with another fragment, Collins has given us a superb story that finds Mike on another bender because Velda walked out on him four months previous with a one word note: “Good-bye.”

It takes Pat Chambers to clue him in after Mike learns of the murder of an old cop friend of the both of them. Velda is in Miami keeping company with a hood named Nolly Quinn.

Velda had been a vice cop when Mike met her and the murdered cop had put them together. They had to be some connection there.

An out of shape Mike, four months of drinking and not working will do that, heads to Miami to figure it out.

Author Collins continues to add to the Hammer tales and add to the legacy of one of the genre’s best writers.

Recommended. Now on sale.