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20686188Somebody was trying to tell ed Noon something and he was trying hard to listen. First, the telegram asking hin to come to the Calypso Room that night. Ten words: CALYPSO ROOM TONIGHT OR YOUR DOLL WILL DIE WITH PINS. It was signed Calypso.

Then the redheaded doll named Evelyn Hart wanted an escort to the same joint and was offering five hundred dollar bills for the job. Pick him up at nine-thirty.

Three other things were the clincher though. The knifing pain that suddenly struck his gut as he was leaving was the first. The giant black man with three machetes he handled very well warning him away from the club was second. The third was the department store mannequin tossed through the window of his favorite bar. Dressed like Noon, it had a knife through the throat with a message attached: TONIGHT YOU DIE CALYPSO ROOM. BLACK DOLL WILL BRING YOU DOOM. and it was signed count Calypso.

Oh, I forgot to mention the blond named Peg Temple, publicist for the Calypso Room telling him to stay away.

The Voodoo in question is the hottest dancer on the circuit, the six foot six giant is her jealous boyfriend, Then Evelyn Hart tries to run him down, not remembering it, she claims.

The whole mess gets Noon’s hackles, not to mention curiosity, up and a whiz-bang finale in Trinidad gives us an interesting read.