1: Kill Me, Darling – Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins: the latest Mike Hammer novel completed from a chunk left by Mr. Spillane.

2: The Children’s Story(review copy) – Robert A. Krueger: The Children’s Story is a mix of fantasy and reality, a tale of good and evil and innocence that takes place in an imaginary world and in the real world, an entertaining story both serious and funny. One morning teen sisters go for a walk not realizing their outing will change them forever. Not typical teens, they become trapped in a strange land where they are subjected to outrageous and bizarre and sometimes almost normal experiences and to unusual people and talking animals.

and the ebooks:

3: Headstone Sonata, verse 1(review copy) – Jorge Bocanegra: Joel has long been a victim to the viscous teeth of the assumptions and misconceptions conjured in his own mind concerning his relationship with his girlfriend, Alex. After three years together, things just haven’t been the same. But now, those monstrous doubts in his head will become personified in the form of risen corpses in the city of Orchard. Will he and Alex be able to put aside their differences and survive together? Or will this apocalyptic event spell the perfect opportunity for the couple to go their separate ways?

4: The Crime of Our Lives(review copy) – Lawrence Block: a collection of nonfiction pieces centering on the crime fiction genre.

5: Victim City Stories: Collection 1(review copy) – Dale Hammond: Victim City Stories Collection 1 contains the first three issues jammed with thrilling pulp action, chilling splatter noir, and depraved crime horror. Nine heart-stopping stories and over 130,000 soul-numbing words

6: The Ghost Riders – James J. Griffin; latest western from Rough Edges Press

7: Five Shots Lft – Ben Bridges{ a collection of short fiction.