2565922Katy Touchfeather is an air hostess-sort of. No permanent airline, just whatever her current assignment had the need. She’s an agent for a British agency, her boss a gentleman known only as Mr. Blaser.

She’s part of a team assigned to bird dog a man named William Partman, a professor headed to India, ostensibly to read a couple of his papers, but suspected of selling his work to-maybe a foreign government. Part of a team, she’s told to get close to him. Others would watch him as well.

Young and attractive, and the professor big and handsome, it’s not hard for Katy. What is unanticipated is that Katy falls for Partman. In his three days at the conference, she’s relieved that he’s found to be innocent. No attempt to pass off anything, nothing in his room(she searched while he was out).

But flying home, the plane is hijacked, landed in Egypt, and Partman taken off. The last Katy sees of him is a smash in the face and blood flowing down as he’s hustled off.

A kidnapping and a bit of torture later, when they want to know what Partman told her in their bed sessions convinces her the Professor is dead. She escapes, killing one, and heads back to London.

It doesn’t end there. The information seems to have gotten out and the trail leads her across Europe and America as she tracks the one responsible.

Not a bad bit of action.