10641126_10153281528456584_7124895049587654907_n (1)Boomer Green is a war hero and a soldier of fortune. He’s in Brazil, hired to clear a logjam at the mouth of a tributary of the Amazon river. It’s a huge pile of trees reaching kilometers. And growing. Not mention that the rainy season was at hand.

His employer was the von Lindenhoff family, a former Nazi and his two children. Lolo was full German, born before the move, and Kurt had a Brazilian mother. The jam would flood their crop fields if something wasn’t done.

Someone, Boomer quickly learned, was lieing. Lolo and the old man claimed no Indians lived in the lower valley. Kurt and others said there were natives in there. Worse, while examining the jam looking for key logs, Boomer finds a large number cut with a chain saw. Everyone swears there’s no logging companies upstream.

The jam was deliberate and our hero wades through the lies, attempts on his life, several, and two women hitting on him as he tries to find out what’s behind it all.

Though numbered 1, it was the only novel featuring The Blaster. Maybe it didn’t sell well or Cameron decided not to continue. The publisher was Lancer,long since folded, from 1973.